Friday, June 26, 2009

Organically Inspired

Have you ever been called a nerd or an overachiever and, despite the negative connotation, you secretly enjoyed the label because it meant you were really good at something? I think my Type A personality takes over from time to time (my husband would probably say, "all the time!") and today was no exception. After a long day of designing, I decided to challenge myself, "Iron Chef" style. I took only my shears, floral tape and some wire out to my garden with the goal of creating extraordinary boutonnieres (subjective, of course) out of ordinary things in 10 minutes...let me repeat, 10 minutes! I ended up using pods with mint, chiles with a persimmon leaf, and baby Roma tomatoes with geranium leaves. Organically, interesting?

I think my Lab pup made this task harder than it had to be. Since we adopted her in December, she's single-handedly cleared my garden. Who would have thought dogs love eggplants and tomatoes? At least I know the chile plants will always be safe!

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