Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eco-Friendly Favor

Light on the pocketbook and light on the planet, these eco-friendly favors are definitely worth considering for your next event. The pots are made of recycled paper and your guests are able to take these home and plant them directly into the ground--pot and all! If you plan early enough, I hear succulents are relatively easy to grow and they will spread into multiple plants with time. Each one cost me less than $2 and 2 minutes to make!

1. Edge Punch
2. Paper
3. Bottle
4. Plant with Soil

Choose a paper with an interesting pattern or use of color. Keep in mind the thinner the paper, the more your edges that wrap around need to overlap and thicker papers will not fold under as cleanly. I found the best papers for me were the pages of an Anthropologie catalog and the pages of a newsletter I receive. Both had a thickness similar to regular copy paper.

1. Cut the paper into a 4" X 9" rectangle. You can adjust these measurements depending on how large you need your pot.

2. Use your punch edge along one of the 9" sides of the paper that will be the top rim of your pot. I chose the Martha Stewart Doily Lace edge punch. You can use your favorite one.

3. Choose a bottle that has the same diameter you want for your final pot with a concave bottom. I used an olive oil spray bottle. Place your bottle parallel to one of the 4" edges approximately 2 1/4" from the bottom of the paper and roll until you reach the other end.

4. Tuck the bottom edges under the bottle.

5. Remove the bottle and your pot should stay together. If your paper is too thin, you may need to overlap the paper more.

6. Place your plant inside the pot. If you choose, secure with twine or a bow.

Try out different types of papers. The possibilities are endless! Add a tag to your favor explaining to each recipient that they may plant your pot directly into the ground. Not only will your friends thank you for such a wonderful gift, but the planet will too!

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