Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Judgement Day

As promised, here is the round hand tied bouquet in order to compare and contrast the look of the cascade versus the nosegay. I used a similar mix of flowers, but felt that the nosegay bouquet needed the pink pom poms to offset the darker coloration, mostly for photo purposes (This is kind of the Art Director side of me kicking in). In real life, the bouquet would look fine with shades of burgundy and purple, but in photos, the details get a little lost with large clusters of darkness. You might ask, why wasn't this the case in the cascade? The use of a bouquet holder allowed the flowers to be placed with some separation, so even in photos, each bloom can be appreciated. This separation is relative since you can see that the flowers still look beautiful in the hand tied bouquet.

Due to the spacial relationship of the flowers, even though the cascade was larger in size, more flowers were used in the construction of the nosegay. On the flip side, more time was logged in the designing and flower prep of the cascade.

One last thing to consider with the nosegay is the finishing of the handle. The handle is often overlooked because it is usually covered at least partially by the hand that is holding it. However, similar to wearing a killer pair of shoes under your long wedding gown, it finishes the look and it's those moments when someone catches a glimpse of it that makes it worth finishing off the look. For this garden inspired bouquet, I chose to do a twine wrap.

There's a million other options depending on the look and style of your bouquet. Use rhinestones, leaves, contrasting ribbon, vintage handkerchief...whatever best suits you on your wedding day. So, what's the verdict? Cascade or nosegay?

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