Monday, August 10, 2009

Life is Like...a Bouquet of Flowers

Today, I was perusing through some of the images in my portfolio and came across this particular bouquet and this might sound kind of odd, but inherent in this flower mix was a feeling of happiness and a subdued excitement that I felt summed up my weekend quite nicely. Incorporating flowers in decor lends more than just physical beauty. It also adds an emotional aspect to the event. For instance, an arrangement with a palette of deep rich reds using structured flowers like roses, calla lilies and orchids lends a bit of drama to the decor. In the same sense, this bright bouquet of tulips, ranunculus, and tulips adds fun, whimsy and joy to any function.

So, why was my weekend like this bouquet? (Still sounds odd to say!). It all started with a successful yard sale that allowed me to make room for my new flower cooler that was delivered earlier than quoted!!!! Then, I had the opportunity to meet a client and her fiance and she proved to be just as genuine and nice in person, as she was through her email communications. I also got the opportunity to relax with my family while sitting out in my front yard watching my piles of junk (or treasures!) disappear. When you are starting a company, life tends to be a bit hectic and you forget to relax. It is when you start appreciating the little things that makes you realize that life is going well and indeed it is. I've always known I have great family and friends, but recently with the start of my business, I've been blessed to work with a great group of clients who are so easy going and open to different ideas. With weekends like these, who needs a box of chocolates!

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