Thursday, January 28, 2010


Geez...this winter season has really hit me hard. I think I've been sick at least 10 times (no joke!). I don't even notice it when I'm working, but the moment I have down time, ***bam!***, it hits me like a ton of bricks. I'm at the tailend of this last episode and I can't imagine that there is anything else going around that I haven't already caught (and proudly conquered!). Maybe, I'm just really efficient and I get sick all at once, so I'm in the clear the entire year...wishful thinking!

Anyways, I wanted to post some really inspirational photos of the most eclectic, artsy centerpiece I've seen in a long time. It truly makes a statement without screaming, "I'm trying too hard." I think it embodies the feeling of LA mixed in with East Coast influence and a touch of Bohemia. So far, these have been the only arrangements on my blog that I have not designed, but I thought it was so blog-worthy. I was one of the photographers at this wedding, so there is a part of me in some of these photos.

I am in love with the use of random vases, a vareity of flowers and colors, ethnic tiles and, most importantly, a discerning eye. Not every florist can complete this look even though it looks like you just throw together a bunch of stuff. It takes a creative mind--an "outside-the-box" thinker--not just flower-making know how. Done wrong, it could totally cheapen the look. Done right, it's the most gorgeous display of...I'm going to say!

I would love to do my own version of this look in the near future. Hopefully, one of my clients will fall in love with this as much as I have. It is a truly inspiring, memorable group of centerpieces that will leave your guests talking. Now that I look back through the photos, I would simply describe it as Anthropologie meets Costplus in a 85:15 ratio (definitely more on the Anthropologie side!).

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