Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Long Awaited Photos

The photos are in! Thanks to Michael at A House of Photography, I have beautiful photos of Geline and Jod's wedding. The coloration and execution of the theme really came together perfectly and I so appreciated their genuine gratitude when I received their "thank you" phone call during their honeymoon in Florida.

The three most important things to Geline and Jod were the colors standing out against the background, the designs being unique, and their ocean theme being carried through into the flowers. I suggested adding a vibrant red to the magenta and eggplant they were already set on and they loved the idea. The jewel tones stood out against the blue (or green...haha) of the ocean, the white and purple of the dresses, and the warm brown wood of the boat's interior. Of course, no better flower than orchids could have finished off this color scheme and theme so brilliantly.

The manzanita branch ceremony pieces created a distinct focal point for the event. Small clusters of flowers were designed in large shells and suspended from the branches.

A ghostwood sweetheart table piece mimicked the appearance of driftwood and it so perfectly finished off the theme.

This was definitely a flawless blend of colors, an effective, not "in your face" execution of the theme, and, of course, a perfect marriage in the works!

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