Friday, October 22, 2010

Mini Calla Lily Envy

As I sit here trying to figure out where I'm going to begin to describe the beauty of mini calla lilies, I just have to giggle. It's almost as if Mother Nature wanted to play a joke on all the other flowers and said, "Hey, let's create a flower with no petals, give it an odd shape, make it in a whole bunch of desirable colors, ensure that it is hardy and readily available, and, oh yeah...let's stick a hefty price tag on it too!" If I were a flower, I'd definitely be green with envy (haha)!

Mini calla lilies seem almost self-serving in that they need no other flowers to enhance their beauty and even if they were incorporated into a mix of flowers, they still stand out, literally above the rest. Each stem exhibits its own color gradient, as well as, variation in shape that inherently creates texture and interest. Basically, it's stunning without even trying.

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