Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off to a Deserving Home

One of the perks of being a florist is being surrounded by fresh flowers all the time. One of the worst things about being a florist is you often watch leftover flowers die. During the school season, I often gift them to teachers since I think they do so much for our children. For awhile now, I've been wanting to find other, deserving homes so I can teach my kids that you can do nice things for other people in the community who don't directly impact your life, without any expectations of gaining something in return (except for the warm fuzzy feelings, of course).

Since I only have one small wedding coming up this weekend, I finally had a little time to do some research. This little guy below will be heading off this morning to his new home at a senior care facility to an elderly woman who loves children. I'm excited to brighten up her day and I'm even more excited for my children to learn from this experience.

If any of my readers have a person in the Long Beach/Lakewood area who does alot for the community, please comment below or email me and I will consider them for future arrangements.

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