Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reinventing the Succulent Corsage Wheel

So, here is the succulent corsage I promised last week to post. There's quite a few unique elements to this design, which I don't usually like to pile on all at once. However, since green usually serves as a neutral color, it allowed me leeway for extra "items." The black accents sandwich the entire corsage instead of being placed throughout the design, so they enhance rather than make it busy.

In terms of the flowers, I used small succulents, scabiosa pods and grevillea. I avoided any large focal flower to stray farther away from the traditional corsage (as the bride had requested). The size of this little guy is probably not much more than a couple of inches, which to me is the ideal size for contemporary personal flowers. Being that it is a pin-on corsage, the added bonus is that the lighter weight is more wearable.

This corsage may not fit everyone's aesthetic, but the design is something that most can appreciate.

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