Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Ultimate Red Bouquet

I'm back!  The flu bug hit me for over two weeks!

Recently, I participated in a bridal show where I had an opportunity to showcase my designs and meet great new clients.  It's hard for me to pick favorites since all my designs feel like my "little babies," but this one is somewhere close to the top of the list (don't tell any of its siblings!).  It has so much texture and depth without appearing busy, inherently giving it a lush, elegant and polished feel.

My favorite flower in the mix is hands down the red garden roses with its intricate petal structure closely resembling a peony (with a similar, but slightly lower price tag).  What do you think the little fluffy guys are that's filling in the negative space?  Yes, carnations!  If used correctly, they definitely can enhance a design. 

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botanical brouhaha said...

GORGEOUS!! An excellent use of the garden roses. Glad you're feeling better!