Friday, February 25, 2011

Not Your Grandmother's Vintage Bouquet

If we were to play Word Association and you were to say "vintage wedding," I would respond with "intrigued"...oooh, ooh...or "endless possibilities."  Nowadays, things are much cooler if they are old and I'm wholeheartedly jumping on that bandwagon (with a disclaimer listing a million exceptions, of course).  It's undeniable that character is inherently in all things laden with rust and chipped paint, giving us a glimpse of the journey it has traversed.

Every bouquet I design evokes a certain feeling and takes me on an interesting journey.  This particular one is set during a time when life still felt slow through the eyes of an innocent little girl sifting through her grandmother's linen closet eager to play dress-up.  I picture her engulfed in large ruffly petticoats, long strands of pearls reaching her slightly turned in kneecaps, inching along in over sized white high heeled shoes. 

So many elements in this bouquet add to the feeling of innocence from the fresh color of the two-toned, blush and green tulips,  the abundance of soft petals from the ranunculus, garden roses and spray roses, to the presence of underdeveloped, green sprouting blackberries and ranuncula buds. The addition of the lace wrap finished off with a vintage broach completes the story beautifully.
I hope you enjoyed the journey, my little vintage creation has taken us on.  It doesn't sit in a rusted urn, but I still think it's filled with a whole lot of character and charm!

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