Tuesday, March 1, 2011

THE Purple Wedding Bouquet

Being that flowers are like my children, it's hard for me to pick favorites.  So, it's our little secret that  anemones and lilacs are crawling to top of the list.  (Sorry "my little" peony and orchid, you now have competition!).  

My purple Winter/Spring bouquet of anemones, lilacs, hyacinth and viburnum display these two favorites quite nicely.  Anemones exhibit an understated elegance that I'm naturally drawn toward.  The dark centers command attention, while the petals add softness and a touch of femininity.  They are quite versatile and can easily be dressed up or down...although, even in the most casual of bouquets, they still uphold a certain level of elegance and polish.  Anemones are major players in filling the rare blue and purple color category (which wins them extra Brownie points in my book) and they also exist in red and white.

Lilacs are equally stunning and offer the bonus of a lovely fragrance.  They do have a larger price tag, but even the best impersonators [of these flowers] cannot match their effortless beauty.  They have an abundance of random florets, but they don't appear to be clutter in a bouquet, which completely intrigues me.

If you happen to have a purple wedding at the beginning or end of the year, adopt these two extraordinary flowers into your family of wedding flowers and you won't be disappointed.  I won't tell Little Miss Lisianthus,  Hydrangea, or Roses that you have found their replacements.  It's our little secret!


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