Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Rustic Elegance: A Muted Tone Wedding that'll Leave You Speechless

Earlier this year, I posted a sneak peak of this gorgeous ceremony setup on The Daily Petal Facebook page and labelled it one of my favorite setups of 2012.  I've been asked by many to show more photos from this event taken by the talented Lydia Chen.  

If I could preserve the overflowing vintage drawer of flowers and place it in my living room, I would do it in a heartbeat.  It would probably prevent me from hiding miscellaneous junk in the drawers before I have a visitor in my home =)  This lovely couple allowed me the liberty of propping and deciding the elements of the tablescape. They asked that I include a unity candle within the setup.  Can you spot it?  Where's Waldo???

The main unity candle was created by using a hurricane on top of a vintage candlestick and enhanced with a ring of flowers.  From the mason jar aisle decor to the galvanized bucket filled with babies breath, the rustic feel of this wedding was never lost in translation.

An unexpected touch of airplants were incorporated into the bridal bouquet.  It definitely gave this wedding an unexpected edge amongst a year filled with pastel weddings.

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