Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spring Garden Bliss

I have been sick since Tuesday...actually, I think I've been sick since last Saturday, but my body and mind wouldn't accept it knowing I had a Monday wedding to prepare for. It's funny how the mind works! In order to lift my spirits as I get over the lingering cough, I decided to post a cheerful spring garden bouquet and its matching centerpiece that I had in my portfolio. I find this color combination rather soothing (and a great seg way into the topic of color selection!).

Most brides focus on one or two main colors and repeat them throughout their entire wedding, which is fine. However, many times a color scheme can be enhanced by adding one accent or "bridging" color, as I like to call it.

Let's first explore cases when you probably shouldn't add in another color:

1. You are going after a monochromatic color scheme.
2. Your color palette already has 3 or more colors.
3. You already love your colors the way they are!

So, in what cases do I think another color might be a good idea?

1. You feel like the two colors you have are bland and just blend together. For example, the light pink and lavender in the bouquet above may feel too similar in coloration. By adding the green, the pink and the lavender now have a contrasting color to stand out against.
2. Your current color palette has extreme contrast and you don't like that. For many people, red and white work as a great pair. If you don't personally like this type of contrast, try adding in pink as a "bridging" color. This allows you to visually move up the spectrum from light to medium to dark.
3. You want your color scheme to have more depth. If your wedding color is medium pink, try adding flowers one shade lighter and one shade darker to the bouquet to make it more dynamic.
4. The colors you chose don't exist in flowers. I have seen this alot in a blue color scheme. Very few flowers naturally occur in blue, so what do some florists suggest to their clients? They suggest spray painting them blue! (I might address spray painting flowers on another blog entry, but for now let's leave it at, run the other way if you hear this as the first option!). Greens, purples and whites are excellent options as accent colors for blue.

I was an Art Director of fashion and trends and one of my duties was color prediction. Even with my experience, if one of my brides asks me for my opinion, I still end the conversation with, "Ultimately it's up to you." I can give you options for days, but you have to love it for "your day." The most recent success story I have in terms of color pairing was the Monday wedding I just did (right before I got sick). Geline and Jod were probably the most open-minded couple I've had in terms of color selection. They really wanted magenta and purple to be in their color scheme, but they wanted the flowers to pop against the purple bridesmaids' dresses. So, what did I suggest? Add red. You will see how successful this marriage of colors was (if I can get some photos from their photographer...keep your fingers crossed). Let's just say, it already lifts my spirits reminiscing about it!

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