Monday, November 2, 2009

Playing Catch Up

We are now entering the lull of the wedding season, which will last the holiday months through about February (although I hear from many designers that February is looking pretty active next year). In my case, I welcome this temporary calm in order to play catch up on all of those little things in life that get neglected when life is a bit chaotic (like posting a blog entry!). My computer has been a bottomless pit for photographs and I am determined to go through them during the next 3 months and post what I think might inspire others. I also might post some crafty designs that I create along the way since designing invitations and decor is another passion of mine.

Buried in my graveyard of photographs, are these event photos mainly made of circus and fuchsia roses. Circus roses are a great choice for a fall wedding. They are yellow roses with red tips, which appear orangey. They are quite hardy, have a good size head and open rather full.

For all of you that check back periodically on my blog, I appreciate it so much and apologize for not posting any new entries. Recently, I found that my blog was being used inappropriately, what I would call, blog trespassing. I leave out all the details associated with it only because I like to cut off negativity at its source. For everyone else, I whole-heartedly welcome you to continue to share in the inspirations and designs that I offer.

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