Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simple Orange

With Project Runway running in the background and everyone sound asleep in my home, I set out to write the next blog entry that hopefully is more inspiring than this episode is turning out to be. My initial plan was to post some photos of a more neutral garden-inspired wedding I just did, but I think I'm going to switch gears and post something with a little more vibrancy to match the graphic detailing of the fabrics shown on the show. (Does that mean I was a little inspired?). It's actually quite fitting since this simple design was inspired by the Living with Flowers book I last blogged about. I better get going since the show is about over and I am literally moving an inch an hour!

I utilized numerous stems of orange ranunculus and a few chocolate ti leaves that I had leftover from a class I just taught. It was such a natural pairing against the dark brown hue of the sticks I had collected last month and stored in my garage. (Against my loving husband's protests, my garage has become a bottomless pit for design materials I hope to one day use in designing). In my opinion, the ranunculus are so visually interesting since they have natural variation and every single stem is completely unique. Without doing much, the arrangement effortlessly has depth, interest and style.

I completed the story by creating a matching bridal bouquet consisting of the same ranunculus collared with the chocolate ti leaves. Isn't it ironic how simplicity can speak volumes?
Maybe if I clear my garage, my husband might agree to marry me all over again, so I can have these exact flowers for our second wedding!

PS. Thank you everyone for asking about my sickness. I'm much better now, even though I figured out that I'm flowers! Nothing that a little Claritin can't fix!

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