Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arm Candy

My friends used to joke that I had monkey arms, which proved to be advantageous for my high school tennis career. But today I felt more like...ummmm...a T-Rex. I was excited to photograph a wrist corsage that I taught my floral class to make last night and, of course, I had to be both the model and the photographer at the same time! These were the results, minus the first 5 shots that completely missed the subject.

I am proud to say I eventually captured one good shot.

THEN, I had a more brilliant idea...

Aren't these Bombay Dendrobium Orchids gorgeous? I think wrist corsages, for the most part, should be kept simple and dainty. Anything too heavy will just be a nuisance to wear. Anything too busy will just detract from the dress instead of enhancing it. If you have extra time to waste and want a good kick, try google-ing (is that a word?) images of "wrist corsages" and you will see an array of out-dated, over the top versions that look like they belong in a creaky, upstairs, wooden-floored hallway in a black-and-white photo with straight-faced women all dressed in black. (That made me kind of giggle since the imagery is so vivid and kind of true).

Let me end this entry by saying that in most instances, I prefer pin-on corsages over wrist corsages, mainly because they are a little more contemporary. The only times I suggest wrist corsages are for more traditional brides, grandmothers, or women wearing lightweight fabrics. I don't have anything against wrist corsages and I'm actually kind of in love with this one. But if given a choice, I would prefer to wear the pin-on version. It really is just a personal choice.

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