Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Peach

Living in LA has really spoiled least in terms of weather. Today was our first "hot" day of summer at a whopping 88 degrees! I am going to celebrate our introduction to heat and the fact that my kids' swim lessons will finally not be overcast and chilly in JU-LY, by posting one of the popular color combos of the season. If I had a penny for every time I have been asked in the last couple months about a variation of this color combo, I would be rich...well, like $1 richer =)

I am in love with the roses in this bouquet. This may sound odd, but their color reminds me of a vintage baby drawing. Go on, go ahead and Google Image "vintage baby drawing" and you will see the coloration I am speaking of...SEE! It emits such a pure feel, where the blush center meets the flesh tone, all enveloped by "new growth" green. The rosy cheek color of the hypericum berries and the fresh green of the mini hydrangeas lend beautifully to this rather neutral palette. One would think that yellow tulips with red stripes would overpower the subtlety of the bouquet. I think it is pretty surprising that it not only blends quite nicely, but it adds texture more than it adds color...take a moment to think about that last line.

For the centerpieces, I added a little burnt orange to make it stand out on the table and above it's natural-colored wooden container.

This is me getting carried away with the camera and admiring it from all angles!

Ahhh...welcome summer and all of the the coral, peach colors that it may bring.

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