Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Often lost in the mix, flower girl head wreaths usually take a back seat to the numerous other frou frou details of the wedding. Perhaps rightly so, but they do deserve a debut once in a while. So, TA-DA...I decided to construct two very distinct styles. The first is a much more intricate, time consuming version (just ask my floral design students!) that requires quite a bit of wiring and taping.

More often than none, I usually design the much easier and almost equally beautiful version shown below. Its use of much less flowers may be reason for most people to vote hands down for the first wreath, come first glance. It's also the very reason why I think the one below actually looks more natural on. The daintiness and presence of negative space seems to be more fitting for a young and delicate child.

I can and definitely do appreciate the beauty of the first hair wreath, but I think my hands and fingers are really going to appreciate the orders for the second one ; )

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